Finally a method that will help children utilize the

Golden Window of Language Acquisition

Pancha Method (PM) will transform your center into a multi-dimensional language rich center! It will take your center from the status-quo to a life-changing impact for your students and your families.

Providing a Multi-Language Rich environment can change the course of your students’ lives.

The Pancha Method (PM) combines the trifecta model of three distinct educational modalities in a powerful way that will benefit ECE Centers and the children and families they serve.

The Trifecta Model

There is no other approach like this. Pancha has utilized her cumulative life’s experience to create something that is a gift to all children.

Read more about her journey here.

The Gift of Multilingualism

No one ever regrets knowing another language.

Your center’s children will be forever grateful.

PM Provides Big Impact

  • Exponentially enhances a language rich approach
  • Utilizes the Golden Window of Language Acquisition
  • Supports teachers in the classroom with a valuable app

Three Phases

  • Infants and Toddlers
  • Toddlers and 2s
  • Preschool to Kindergarten

Course Content Modules

PM can quickly and easily be implemented in your center as a step-by-step guide through the process.

The Phases are laid out in progression starting from infants to kindergarten with cumulative benefits.

All the modules will be available as video-based, asynchronous learning for the teachers at your center.

Phase I – Infants and Toddlers:

Language Rich Review:

Review the benefits of a Language Rich approach and how this can be enhanced with other languages.

Baby Sign Langue Basics:

Provide caregivers the tools to confidently have sign language at their fingertips

Second Language Acquisition:

Explain how to implement PM so that the child is learning English, Baby Sign Language, and a third language in a seamless and integrated way.

Phase II – Toddlers and 2s:

Support caregivers to expand their knowledge base to include growing vocabulary in Baby Sign Language as well as the transition to early literacy.

Phase III – Preschool to Kindergarten:

Provide caregivers the tools they need to provide a multilingual environment that supports teachers, children and parents in this multidimensional learning environment.


PM App

An easy to use tool to support teachers and children where the BSL signs will be at their fingertips together with audio and text support.

Teachers can learn signs with the children
at the same time. They can also create their own folders for their favorite signs or signs they are learning, for certain books and songs and routines, etc. Teachers do not need to be burdened with having to learn so many signs to support their classroom environment.

Additional Support:

  • Weekly Zoom meetings and email support.
  • Activity sheets for children to learn their signs and additional languge
  • Simple assessment tool to track the progress of the children
  • Parental email course to help them understand the method and be on board from day 1.
  • Suggestions for classroom set up for the PM method
  • PDF files for printing wall charts to support BSL and early literacy

“Baby sign language is the bridge to other languages!

Pancha French

Founder & CEO, Pancha Method